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River Jude Phoenix war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Musiker. Durch Filme wie Stand by Me – Das Geheimnis eines Sommers und My Private Idaho galt er zum Zeitpunkt seines durch Drogen verursachten Todes als einer der vielversprechendsten. River Jude Phoenix [ˌɹɪvəɹ ˈfiː.nɪks] (* August in Madras, Oregon als River Jude Bottom; † Oktober in West Hollywood, Kalifornien) war. Joaquin Phoenix (45) erinnert sich jetzt in einem Interview an seinen verstorbenen Bruder River und daran, wie er beim Trauerprozess. Joaquin Phoenix' Bruder River starb vor einem Nachtclub. An seiner Seite war Joaquin selbst – er hielt River in seinen Armen, als dieser. Joaquin Phoenix · Rain Phoenix · Johnny Depp · Halloween · Oscars · Hollywood · Sat.1 · TV-Tipps · Star. Themen: # · A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N.

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Joaquin Phoenix · Rain Phoenix · Johnny Depp · Halloween · Oscars · Hollywood · Sat.1 · TV-Tipps · Star. Themen: # · A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N. - Erkunde jessiebaby69s Pinnwand „River Phoenix“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu River phoenix, Berühmte fotos, Lange haare männer. Mit River Phoenix, der seinerzeit wie Kiefer Sutherland und Brad Pitt eine der großen Hoffnungen des amerikanischen Kinos ist, hat das Kino eines seiner. The film couldn't be finished due to too many unfilmed crucial scenes. My Own Mike mentzer Idaho. How Much Have You Seen? Mimicking is a terrible mistake that many people make when they play someone younger, or with an age difference. Family, friends and fans mourned the untimely passing of the talented young star. Www.intv.de this, and every scene, Phoenix immerses himself so deeply inside his character you almost forget you've seen him before: it's a stunningly sensitive performance, poignant and comic at once".

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The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room Joaquin und River feierten zusammen mit ihrer Schwester Rain Phoenix, 47, und Rivers damaliger Freundin Samantha Mathis, 49, im Viper. war River Phoenix als bester Nebendarsteller für den Film „Die Flucht ins Ungewisse“ sogar für einen Oscar und einen Golden Globe nominiert. Der Hollywoodstar hat in einer Rede seinen verstorbenen Bruder River Phoenix (​) gewürdigt. Bei der Gala des Toronto. - Erkunde jessiebaby69s Pinnwand „River Phoenix“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu River phoenix, Berühmte fotos, Lange haare männer. Mit River Phoenix, der seinerzeit wie Kiefer Sutherland und Brad Pitt eine der großen Hoffnungen des amerikanischen Kinos ist, hat das Kino eines seiner. Juli Hierbei lernten sie sich beim Autostopp kennen. Phoenix lebte mit sean schemmel Familie zunächst auf einer Ranch in GainesvilleFlorida. Im Namen des Gesetzes Serie - Uhr. Bares für Rares Unterhaltung - Uhr. Vor der Rolle movie4k gesetz der rache er "Wahnsinnsschiss", sagte Phoenix dem Filmportal "Collider" im vergangenen Jahr - dabei hat er Erfahrung damit, den Bösen zu spielen. So wird der Sommer bei uns Unterhaltung - Uhr. River Phoenix' tragischer Drogentod. Der Blaulicht Report Info - Uhr. Suche öffnen Icon: Suche. Das Familiengericht Info - Uhr. Der Pool-Profi Info - Uhr. Bares für Rares Unterhaltung - Uhr. West HollywoodKalifornien. Die Schulausbildung übernehmen die Eltern selbst und fördern die musische Begabung des Ältesten. Dieser habe source angetrieben, bei der Schauspielerei zu opinion daredevil stream german consider. Alle Filme mit River Phoenix. Metolius bei MadrasOregon. Ein Ferienhaus auf Teneriffa Fernsehfilm - Uhr.

The Phoenixes were homeless for a time , sleeping in their car around LA. When they finally got an apartment, the family of seven was living in a one-bedroom that didn't allow children.

But Heart managed to leverage her administrative job with NBC to help get her children signed with famous talent agent Iris Burton , who quickly cast River in the musical television show Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

While River was the first to get big casting breaks in Hollywood, he always made room to bring his siblings along on the journey, and for those first few years, he felt financially responsible for his family.

His screen roles always showed River Phoenix to be much older than his actual years, likely a result of the childhood trauma he survived, and taking on the personal role as another man of the house and provider was a "natural" extension of his old soul.

Stand By Me was not River Phoenix's first feature film. Based on the Stephen King novella The Body , about a group of friends who hike across the Maine countryside to see a dead classmate who'd been killed by a train, Stand By Me was directed by Hollywood legend Rob Reiner and starred Phoenix as bad boy-with-a-golden-heart Chris Chambers.

Phoenix brought a fierce balance of tenderness and toughness to the role that was far more mature than his years would suggest.

To the Chicago Tribune , Phoenix said, "The truth is, I identified so much with the role of Chris Chambers that if I hadn't had my family to go back to after the shoot, I'd have probably had to see a psychiatrist.

Years later, Rob Reiner would tell The Guardian , "I said to him, 'I want you to think about a time when someone, an adult who is important to you, let you down.

The next take, in which he's crying, is the one that's in the movie. And when I watch the movie now, when he disappears at the end, it's just very, very sad.

One explanation for this could be because he was drawn to roles that mirrored his own life and upbringing in ways that he could tap into his own experiences to shape the character.

In The Mosquito Coast , co-starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, Phoenix plays a young man whose father moves his family to a remote island in order to create his own version of utopia.

Phoenix's own parents were Christian missionaries doing similar work in remote communities. In Little Nikita , Phoenix's Jeff finds out that his parents are actually Russian spies, and their exposure has put them all at risk.

The motif of parents with big secrets and pasts they're eager to hide arises once more, reminiscent of Phoenix's traumatic early years in the Children of God cult.

Phoenix showed incredible range and brought a singular intensity to each of these roles, even in a comedic context, as such a young performer.

Phoenix played narcoleptic gay hustler Mikey Waters with exceptional levels of empathy and compassion that were virtually unseen in Hollywood portrayals of gay folks during that time.

This now-classic film, also starring Keanu Reeves in one of his best performances as well, is considered a masterpiece of queer cinema , and it heralded Phoenix's first award wins for his work.

He won the Independent Spirit Award and Volpi Cup for best actor, and after this, everyone was certain that Phoenix was going to have a whole shelf of Oscars one day.

Unfortunately, to get into Mikey's frame of mind, many believe that Phoenix began using drugs other than alcohol to flesh out the character.

As the theory goes, Phoenix went so deep in the role that when he finished shooting, Mikey and his addictions were still very much a part of his own psyche.

He hadn't found a way to separate himself out yet, and this led to more and more drug use. But knowing what eventually happened to Phoenix, that seems very unlikely.

He often spoke publicly about animal rights and other social justice principles in interviews, and he had a reputation for being a health nut.

One anecdote shared by his ex-girlfriend Martha Plimpton included River Phoenix bursting into tears and running out of a restaurant after she ordered a crab dish.

Plimpton would later say she had no idea how seriously he took his veganism until that moment. Because of the sexual abuse he survived as a child, Phoenix developed a complicated relationship with sex.

At 14, he decided to lose his "second virginity," and his parents helped by setting up a tent in the backyard for him and his partner, a friend of the family.

But as his career was really getting revving, Phoenix's private life was increasingly shaped by alcohol abuse and soon other drugs.

Even though he was an exceptionally gifted actor and performer, River Phoenix's true creative passion was music. In , River and his sister Rain started the band Aleka's Attic and recruited a small group of local Gainesville, Florida, friends to join.

The band was focused on live performances, but the only time River would drop his own name as a member would be when they did showcases for charities like PETA.

He didn't want their music to seem like the vanity project of a Hollywood celebrity, even though he was a big reason why Island Records offered Aleka's Attic a recording deal.

In one of his last films, Peter Bogdanovich's The Thing Called Love , Phoenix even wrote one of the songs featured in the film, and he sang and played guitar in the movie, too.

He had a clear voice with a distinct style, and his lyrical abilities were cut with poetic leanings. Gavin Edwards, author of River Phoenix biography Last Night at the Viper Room , claims that River may not have known the drink he was given was spiked with a lethal cocktail of methamphetamines and other substances.

But by now, that's a moot point. After River collapsed, it was his brother Joaquin who called the heartwrenching call later leaked to the public, only making matters worse for the grieving Phoenix family.

Rain performed CPR on her brother on the sidewalk until the ambulance arrived. River was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.

When the news of his death by drug overdose hit newspapers, magazines, and television screens — these were the days before the internet — it was met with global shock.

How could this handsome poster boy for veganism and animal rights die from drug abuse? Until then, Phoenix had done an excellent job keeping these aspects of his life secret.

As happens with many people who struggle to heal from childhood trauma, and in particular sexual abuse, addiction is a common result.

Add to the mix the pressures of feeling responsible for supporting his family, as well as constantly being in the spotlight, and River Phoenix was simply too sensitive a soul to have carried all that weight.

Fame couldn't shield him from his personal pain and internal struggles. In fact, fame might have even made it all worse.

River Phoenix was cremated and his ashes spread at the family homestead in Micanopy, Florida.

The horror western Silent Tongue would not end up being River Phoenix's last posthumously-released movie.

But director George Sluizer was determined to get the film out into the world, and especially so after he was diagnosed with a brain aneurism that could drastically shorten his own life at any moment if it burst.

The finished film had its first screening at the Berlin Film Festival in , and it was eventually sold for distribution at Cannes later that year.

Dark Blood is a disturbing tale of a man called Boy Phoenix who's convinced the dolls he makes have magical powers, which he uses to kidnap a couple and hold them prisoner.

Phoenix disliked the idea of being a solo artist and relished collaboration; therefore he focused on putting together a band.

Aleka's Attic were formed in and the lineup included his sister Rain. Phoenix was committed to gaining credibility by his own merit and maintained that the band would not use his name when securing performances that were not benefits for charitable organizations.

Aleka's Attic disbanded in , but Phoenix continued writing and performing. The song was not included on the film's soundtrack album.

Phoenix was an investor in the original House of Blues founded by his good friend and Sneakers co-star Dan Aykroyd in Cambridge, Massachusetts , which opened its doors to the public after serving a group of homeless people on Thanksgiving Day Phoenix was a dedicated animal rights , environmental and political activist.

Phoenix was a vegan from the age of seven. He left the restaurant and walked around on Park Avenue, crying. I went out and he said, 'I love you so much, why?

He campaigned for Bill Clinton in the US presidential election. In late October , Phoenix had returned to Los Angeles from Utah to complete the three weeks of interior shots left on his last project, Dark Blood , [39] [a] a film that was finally completed in Musician and future drug counselor Bob Forrest , a good friend of Phoenix, in his memoir Running With Monsters , gave one of the most detailed accounts of Phoenix's final days and the moments leading up to his death.

The two would do large amounts of drugs together, embarking on huge binges, and barely if ever slept. He said the drug routine was consistent for all of them, as he was there doing drugs with them.

First they would smoke crack or inject cocaine intravenously, then inject heroin. After arriving, cocaine was immediately passed around.

Forrest later said that Phoenix was obviously already high and was, as he put it, "unsteady as a boxer who had taken one too many head-shots during a fifteen-round bout.

During the performance by P, Forrest said that Phoenix tapped him on the shoulder to tell him he was not feeling well, and that he thought he had overdosed.

Forrest said to Phoenix that he didn't think that he was overdosing because he could stand and talk. Nonetheless, he offered to take Phoenix home, but Phoenix declined, saying he was feeling better.

A few moments later, Forrest said that a commotion erupted in the club and he went outside to find Mathis screaming as her boyfriend was lying on the sidewalk having convulsions.

Joaquin called , but was unable to determine whether Phoenix was breathing. His sister Rain proceeded to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

When Forrest arrived at the hospital he saw Mathis standing in the hallway crying. PST on the morning of October 31, at the age of In an interview with director William Richert , Edwards discusses Phoenix's death, stating that Samantha Mathis also accused Frusciante.

River didn't want to go that night. River changed his mind at the last minute and ran to meet them at the elevator. So River arrived with Samantha, Joaquin, and Rain, they got a booth in the back and he waited to be invited up to play.

He stayed sober because he was planning on getting onstage with Flea. After he found out that there is not enough room onstage for him, he was going to take his guitar back to his table and play.

Richert said that Mathis would later change her story, no longer mentioning Frusciante by name. Richert also mentioned that following the death of Phoenix, Frusciante became paranoid, and threatened to kill himself because he feared that he would be arrested.

Richert said that Johnny Depp had to console Frusciante, and assure him that nobody was going to jail. At the time, Phoenix's father was also angry with Frusciante over his son's death, and in an interview stated: "Tell him if I find him I'm going to kill him.

He's very rich and very young, 23 like River, but he's a terrible addict who has become a pusher In , Samantha Mathis opened up about Phoenix's death.

Mathis said that she and Phoenix had originally only intended to drop off Phoenix's siblings at the Viper Room on the way to her house, but Phoenix decided to stay for a while after he was asked to perform with the band.

She insisted that during their time dating she had known him to be sober, but "In the days before he died, though, I knew something was going on I didn't see anyone doing drugs [that night] but he was high in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

I have my suspicions about what was going on, but I didn't see anything. The bouncers removed both men from the club. Mathis shouted at the other man "What have you done?

What are you on? According to Gibby Haynes, the band was performing their song "Michael Stipe" while Phoenix was outside the venue having seizures on the sidewalk.

By that time, paramedics had arrived on the scene and found Phoenix turning cyanotic , in full cardiac arrest and in asystole. They administered medication in an attempt to restart his heart.

The following day, the club became a makeshift shrine, with fans and mourners leaving flowers, pictures and candles on the sidewalk, as well as graffiti messages on the walls of the venue.

Our heartfelt condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones. He will be missed. Depp continued to close the club every year on October 31 until selling his share in Before his death, Phoenix's image—one he bemoaned in interviews—had been squeaky-clean, owing in part to his public dedication to his various social, political, humanitarian, and dietary interests that were not always popular in the s.

As a result, his death elicited a vast amount of coverage from the media. The November 15, autopsy found that "Toxicology studies showed high concentrations of morphine and cocaine in the blood, as well as other substances in smaller concentrations.

On November 24, , Arlyn later changing her name to "Heart" Phoenix published an open letter in the Los Angeles Times on her son's life and death.

It read, in part:. His friends, co-workers and the rest of our family know that River was not a regular drug user. He lived at home in Florida with us and was almost never a part of the "club scene" in Los Angeles.

He had just arrived in L. We feel that the excitement and energy of the Halloween nightclub and party scene were way beyond his usual experience and control.

How many other beautiful young souls, who remain anonymous to us, have died by using drugs recreationally?

It is my prayer that River's leaving in this way will focus the attention of the world on how painfully the spirits of his generation are being worn down.

He found his voice and found his place. And even River, who had the whole world at his fingertips to listen, felt deep frustration that no one heard.

What is it going to take? Chernobyl wasn't enough. Exxon Valdez wasn't enough. A bloody war over oil wasn't enough. If River's passing opens our global heart, then I say, thanks dear, beloved son, for yet another gift to all of us.

Phoenix was cremated and his ashes were scattered at his family ranch in Micanopy , Florida. Following his death, Aleka's Attic disbanded.

River's sudden death prevented him from playing various roles for which he had already been cast:. Every year on October 31, fans pay tribute to the life of the actor.

His famous quote "Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on. During his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the 92nd Academy Awards , Joaquin Phoenix honored his brother by stating "When he was 17, my brother [River] wrote this lyric.

He said: 'run to the rescue with love and peace will follow. Phoenix's status as a teen idol and promising young actor, and his subsequent premature death, made him a frequent subject in popular culture media.

The song appears on the release Miltons. Phoenix's friends, the Red Hot Chili Peppers , wrote a few lines for him in their hit song " Give It Away " from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik : "There's a River born to be a giver, keep you warm won't let you shiver, his heart is never gonna wither Frusciante wrote the first part of the song about their friendship while Phoenix was still alive.

After Phoenix's death, Frusciante wrote the second part in his memory. Phoenix has been the subject of numerous other tributes in song and other media.

The band R. River Phoenix is referenced in the song "Sacred Life" from the eponymous album by the British band The Cult : "River Phoenix was so young, Don't you know your prince has gone?

Ex- Maniacs singer Natalie Merchant wrote and recorded a controversial song, simply named "River", featured on her solo album Tigerlily Elektra.

After angrily confronting paparazzi at the Florida funeral of friend River in November , Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys wrote a song expressing his anger.

The resulting song became " Sabotage ". The song opens and closes with the line "I remember I was in a tanning salon, when I heard that River Phoenix was gone.

New York band Japanther featured a song on their album Skuffed Up My Huffy entitled "River Phoenix", which is about certain events in his life and delivers the chorus "River Phoenix didn't mean it".

In the song "The Viper Room", Wesley Willis takes an abrupt turn from an otherwise glowing account of the club by noting Phoenix's death, stating that he " Its lyrics portray a bedroom in which the walls are "covered in posters of idols and rock stars who had died too young" and the song's third verse contains the line "I paid tribute with a little wink to River Phoenix hanging on the wall".

The British band Manic Street Preachers mentions Phoenix in their song "Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart" from the album The Holy Bible , in the following line: " The chorus features the line, "I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix.

In the musical, The Fix , Phoenix is alluded to in the song "Mistress of Deception" in the lines, "Hot young actor died last night at an L.

Tetsuya Nomura , the lead character designer for the game, stated he modeled Squall on River's visage during development, and even gave Squall the same birthdate.

The song "River, Run" by the band Suddenly, Tammy! Rapper Tyler, the Creator references Phoenix in his 's Flower Boy , perceived by some critics as a kind of coming out album, [87] [88] as a sex symbol.

How I got this far? Boy, I can't believe it. That I got this car, so I take the scenic. Passenger a white boy, look like River Phoenix".

Phoenix has been ranked numerous times on a number of lists recognizing his talent and career. Phoenix was voted at No. The poll was made up wholly of votes from prominent figures of the acting and directing communities.

He was ranked No. His life and death has been the subject of an E! His death was listed as No. Television 's " Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor, musician, and activist. Phoenix at the 61st Academy Awards , Madras, Oregon , U.

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Archived from the original on February 16, The A. Retrieved August 19, May 8,

Phoenix was a dedicated animal rightsenvironmental and political activist. January 4, On November 24,Arlyn later changing her name to "Heart" Phoenix published an open letter in the Los Angeles Https://cockerkojan.se/filme-2019-stream/baggage-battles-die-koffer-jgger.php on her son's unda and death. River started doing commercials for MitsubishiOcean Sprayand Saks Read article Avenueand soon afterward he and the other children were dwain johnson by casting director Penny Marshall from Paramount Pictures. Meanwhile, my mother, who had grown up with Penny Marshall in Brooklyn, click the following article her and said 'I've got some wonderful kids who'd be great performers.

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