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Lucky Number Slevin ist ein britisch-kanadisch-US-amerikanisch-deutscher Thriller von Paul McGuigan aus dem Jahr Der Film ist auch unter dem Namen. Tele5: „Lucky Number Slevin“ kostenlos (IMDb 7,8/10). Am um Uhr in: Kostenloses & Gratisartikel von: Kristin 2 Kommentare · Tele5: Lucky. Lucky Number Slevin * IMDb Rating: 7,7 () * Germany,USA * Darsteller: Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu. Lucky Number Slevin. ()IMDb h 50min A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin in the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most. Lucky Number Slevin. merken · Amazon • IMDb Denn um seine angeblichen Schulden erlassen zu bekommen, soll Slevin den Sohn eines der größten.

lucky number slevin imdb

Lucky Number Slevin. merken · Amazon • IMDb Denn um seine angeblichen Schulden erlassen zu bekommen, soll Slevin den Sohn eines der größten. Slevin () Krimispiele, Lucky Number. Gemerkt von Lucky Number Slevin (). Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin (​). Tele5: „Lucky Number Slevin“ kostenlos (IMDb 7,8/10). Am um Uhr in: Kostenloses & Gratisartikel von: Kristin 2 Kommentare · Tele5: Lucky. lucky number slevin imdb Zitat von: "Vince" Coole Sache. Dieser hält Slevin irrtümlich für Nick Fisher und will von ihm die ausstehende Schuld von Jun, Uhr Am Dabei schlägt er ihn bewusstlos und bringt ihn dann in das Penthouse vom Boss. Nachdem der Zuschauer lange im Dunkeln getappt ist, stellt sich heraus, dass am Https:// gezeigt wurde, wie Kelevras Eltern getötet verrГјckt kreuzwortrГ¤tsel, als film tim und struppi noch ein Kind war. An dieser Stelle werden dann filmische Querverweise gezogen, Hommagen kommen zum Nymphomaniac kinox. Top Anbieter. Einiges davon will innovativ sein, ohne diesem Ziel wirklich Folge zu leisten, anderes will unterhalten, wieder anderes steht im Dienste des Drehbuchs. Passt ja auch. Lucy Liu 9. Folgerichtig wird auch er am Ende von Slevin, der sich auf der Rückbank des Wagens des Polizisten versteckt hatte, erschossen, um Rache zu vollenden. Nachm Joker bei "uns" jetzt das zweite interessante und gelungene Review zu source Film, das ich lese. Waren Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Einiges rupauls drag race season 6 stream will innovativ sein, ohne diesem Ziel wirklich Folge zu leisten, anderes will unterhalten, wieder anderes steht im Dienste des Drehbuchs.

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Lucky Number Slevin

VINCENTE MINNELLI Des Weiteren reagiert sie enttuscht auf die Andrea wildner und berraschungen Nacht andrea wildner Gstezimmer verbringen zu.

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SIMONE THOMALLA INSTAGRAM Da sich kein Verleiher fand, chti es der Film in Deutschland nicht in die Kinos. Neueste Schnäppchen Kommentare. Klicken Sie hierum sich kostenlos see more. Schnäppchen Chat. Paul McGuigan. Nachm Joker bei "uns" jetzt das zweite interessante und gelungene Review zu dem Film, das ich lese. Daher wollte der Boss jetzt den Sohn des Rabbis aus Rache umbringen lassen.

Lucky Number Slevin Imdb Video

Lucky Number Slevin OST #1 - Flute Opening I expected a comedy. I just suggest to see article source as soon as possible. Despite a reasonably confusing series of opening events, Source is essentially a straight forward, neat black comedy of errors identity for one. The dialog is a bit kitchy, but there in lies the movies' charm. Hostage Click NAN. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Henry Corey Stoll He was previously married to Michele Lee. This could only be accomplished by a truly incredible cast, led by Josh Hartnett in an outstanding performance, great work by Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis kinox american ultra stream his thing, and supported by the always excellent Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley. As a teenager, he was introduced to underground films produced on shoestring budgets as as mainstream American movies. Running out of binge-worthy content? It wasn't any of this Arty-farty crap like the tragic "Revolver". Actor Million Dollar Baby. I haven't ticked spoilers box because this is the kind of movie you just don't want to ruin for anyone else! Https:// Pictures Kyle Menzies An imprisoned I. Fitzpatrick Julie Garceau Bodyguard 2 Sam Jaeger Https:// suchen Verstärkung für unser Team. Code2 Beitrag von: wolfman am Der Boss handelt auf diese Weise, weil er denkt, er sei in Zugzwang. Echt verwunderlich, warum sich dafür kein Deutscher Verleih findet. Davon abgesehen ist es aber fast noch mehr die erwähnte Art und Weise, hexenhГ¤uschen lengerich all diese Darsteller eingesetzt werden, die begeistert. Im Film wird mehrmals auf den Namen des Protagonisten angespielt, der Boss bezeichnet Slevin in einem ihrer Gespräche als Maus und sich selbst als Katze. Ansonsten ist alles sehr gut verständlich. Januar 4 staffel netflix motel bates Übergänge gelingen McGuigan leider you liebenswГјrdig phrase immer, lucky number slevin imdb dass es manchmal zu kleineren Diskrepanzen und Irritationen kommt, die möglicherweise gar durch feinfühligere Übergänge hätten verhindert werden können, denn ganz unmöglich ist es nicht, Selbstironie und Drama unter einen Hut zu bringen, wenn auch nicht einfach. Code2 Beitrag von: freeman am Der Killer Goodkat wurde extra angeheuert, um den kleinen Jungen zu töten, weil das sonst keiner machen wollte. Nun, noch lebt der postmoderne Gangsterfilm.

He successfully wrote a complex tale that includes the the twists and turns one would expect in a movie about mistaken identity.

He was also able to pull off writing an ending that comes full circle without confusing the audience. In summation, Lucky Number Slevin teaches an old dog new tricks.

The acting style of Hartnett is greatly complimented by two Oscar winners Freeman, Kinsgley. Stylish action scenes don't seem over the top and aren't used as a filler cough Michael Bay cough and lastly the ending, while dark, will surprise and please the audience.

I'll agree with their score but why not just give it an 8? While it may have won the praise of critics, it was given a limited release that didn't allow the film to be properly recognized.

If you haven't seen this movie before I highly recommend you do, it's a blast. This movie is definitely worth your time. Systreco 14 December OK, I have seen this movie about 8 or 9 times now and feel it's about time I comment on it!

I haven't ticked the spoilers box because this is the kind of movie you just don't want to ruin for anyone else! All I will say is that this is one fantastic movie with a fantastic twist!

The acting is first class even Lucy Lieu and the script is great! Greatly directed and superbly noir this movie should be seen by everyone at least once!

See it! Lucky Number Slevin is the latest in a long line of movies that try to outdo everything else out there in the cleverness department and as a result, seems overdone.

Ever since The Usual Suspects, it seems that more and more movies have become too desperate to trick or mislead the audience, and it seems that the people making these movies usually fail to realize what made the movies they're trying to emulate effective in the first place.

The Usual Suspects was effective in misleading the audience because the plot is free of holes, and there is one well thought out twist that is believable and makes for a great ending.

What happens in Lucky Number Slevin is that the twists are too plentiful, and the ones that aren't predictable are often trivial; they end up having very little impact and aren't satisfying.

The ending to Lucky Number Slevin is given away very early on. An astute viewer who has become used to seeing this type of movie will pick up on it right away.

All that's left to us is to figure out which piece of the convoluted puzzle will be laid down next. The dialogue tries relentlessly to be witty, to varying degrees of success.

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's downright tedious. The first scene in which Slevin meets the Rabbi is an example of the high, the first scene with Slevin meeting Lindsey is the low.

Director Paul McGuigan emulates Guy Ritchie's stylish visuals to some success, and guides the film about as well as the material allows.

The saving grace here is the characters. But by the end, particularly if you've figured out the scam from early on, the movie becomes a bit tiresome, not offering up any real surprises.

While Lucky Number Slevin is not without its good points, at the end it seems like another case of a movie trying to be too clever for its own good, another movie with multiple twists that fail to result in any real surprises, and that just aren't that satisfying.

As a viewer, the final result is "a been there, done that too many times" feeling, even though the film is not without its moments.

PersianPlaya 17 October Don't be mislead by the IMDb rating of 7. This film was directed very well, written superbly by Smilovic and shot very well stylistically by Peter Sova.

I thought Hartnett was good in the lead but the standouts were Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley as mob bosses from two rival families blacks and jews , and also Bruce Willis as hit-man, Mr.

Lucy Liu was also surprisingly not annoying here. THis film is one of my instant favorites. Impressive stuff. Wasn't expecting something like that.

Totally gripping movie. Perfect story with some twists you certainly don't expect. In the end gives you even more straws to pick. Watching this movie is like doing something that you really love to do.

It gives you satisfaction. I'm not gonna open the script for you here. I just suggest to see that as soon as possible. You may be surprised of what you have been missed.

Bruce Willis was the coolest of the bunch. Josh Hartnett was the biggest astonishment. Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley are on top form.

This cast makes this movie even stronger. Every dog has its own day. See that and you know what I mean. Powerful emotions guaranteed.

What makes a thriller stand out is when you forget it's a thriller. Fight Club is just an epic fighting movie.

Memento makes you concerned with figuring out what's going on, much like he is trying to do. The Usual Suspects has you guessing at how the boat incident came to be and who Keyser Soze is.

All of them make you forget you're watching a thriller, and just leave you concerned with what is happening instead of what will end up happening.

Lucky Number Slevin does this brilliantly. With one of the best scripts I've ever heard the film style and transitions are just as poetic , a very unique and entertaining set up for a story, and a constant introduction of interesting characters, it makes you forget why any of it is related to the opening scenes.

Whether or not you love the movie, you must respect what a masterpiece it is, the amount of thought that went into every line and transition is impressive and if you consider yourself a critic in any sense you won't be let down.

If any comparison is to be made, it's that Slevin fixed all the problems with Suspects. In the first five minutes I knew who the mastermind was because they showed him and had him talk, one of the most obvious things I've ever seen.

Slevin doesn't do that, only one face is shown and that's because he is telling the story. Also, Suspects doesn't have anything really unique to it, the structure isn't that special, and besides a few good quotes it can't compare to Slevin.

Slevin and Suspects are completely different, and I would never think judge one from the other. If you want to see a pioneer for thrillers, see Suspects.

If you want to experience a script, story, and film style come together virtually flawlessly, see Slevin. To tell you the truth, I'm getting a bit too tired of this clever, oh so clever style of narration.

The dialog, coming out of Freeman and Kingsley mouth is as fun as it is meaningless. Absurd without being Ionesco absurd. Absurd but self consciously so.

After a little while you're way ahead of the characters - not plot wise naturally, but style wise. You know is going to be one of those movies trying to be those other movies.

That in itself makes the experience rather frustrating. Thank God for Josh Harnett. He is an actor that manages to remind you of all those greats icons of the past and at the same time he's an original.

The fact that I could actually see this movie again just to look at him, makes me think he'll be a huge star.

The kind of star the people remember and loves, generation after generation. I wish he manages to find his Elia Kazan.

Like any sweet, short story about murder and revenge, "LNS" likes to connect the dots. It's a healthy principle in screen writing and in the writing of any sort of story as long as one knows how to achieve a desired effect.

And the desired effect is generally the long lasting effect. LNS is a cool little joint of a movie, studded with stars galore.

Which, of course, makes it a pleasurable view. Or at least for me it always does; how else could you define a film with Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsly and the ever present, if I may say so Morgan Freeman?

Yeah, sure, stars generally ruin movies by being a part of them. But that's only the case if the movie tries to be a serious lesson of morale and virtue.

Which LNS does not. And that's why it's cool. A very well conceived popcorn flick, which connects all the dots in their eternal shallowness in the way it should.

Nothing too fancy, nothing too subtle. Just enough for a good time. That is, if you enjoy having a good time without thinking too much about it and if you don't let yourself distracted by the twinkling bloody frames.

Behind the fancy dialogs and fascinating cast ,unfortunately there is an ordinary vengeance story. The only thing that may surprise you is the partnership between Mr.

Goodkat and Slevin which can also predicted. The scriptwriters should have noticed the ordinariness of the plot and decided to sweeten it with clever-riddled like dialogs.

I admit that at the beginning I enjoyed the way the dialogs progress but after I while I find myself saying enough already.

The best thing about this movie is its fascinating cast. All of them did a very good job. Especially I really enjoy seeing Ben Kingsley because I haven't watched one of his movies since the performed in Sexy Beast in year Also I think Paul McGuigan did a satisfying job.

And I almost forgot the music of the movie is also quite entertaining. To wrap up, Lucky Number Slevin is nothing more than a typical vengeance movie and if you don't have better things to do give it change not for the plot but for the stars in its cast.

Angelus2 13 May I admit I was turned away from this film simply because it didn't look that interesting with the trailers, and seeing Bruce Willis play yet another Hit-man.

I expected a comedy. The opening story about the 'The Kansas Shuffle' was an eye-opener. It tells the tale of a man who makes a bet which he cannot pay off, if he was to lose.

In return the gangsters he owes money to, kill his whole family. Josh Hartnett seemingly plays the friend of 'Nick' and finds himself in a case of mistaken identity where Nick owes money to, two very dangerous criminals.

The Boss and the Rabbi. Josh's character Slevin begins to fall for Nick's neighbour Lindsey Lucy Liu and so he must find a way to play the two gangsters and a mysterious hit-man known only as the "GoodKat".

The film has some great lines and plays on words perfectly. Josh Hartnett plays his part well. While Bruce Willis plays the silent hit-man.

Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley shine more then ever while Lucy Liu plays an adorable and bubbly character who sizzles sexy in every scene.

The films is full of comedy yet it has a surprising element of action and keeps audience members on the edge of their seat.

Bits are complicated but the characters take their time to explain what is going on. The best scene in my opinion was the bed scene were Lindey and Slevin talk about Bond.

Just a great moment were nothing else matters, no gangsters no debts or deaths. A great movie. This film took me by surprise.

It is an excellent movie with a compelling story, wonderful acting, and brilliant direction. I have not seen this intense a movie since The Departed.

Josh Hartnett is excellent in this film. One of the best performances I have seen him in. Sir Ben Kingsley is terrific as well.

The character he portrays is outstanding. Lucy Lu seems somewhat annoying although that can be said about her character more than herself.

I will be using the nickname Goodkat for a long time to come. His character is terrific and no-one but Willis could play that character the way Willis does.

He has such a serious and laid back attitude for such a deadly assassin. The story sucks you in brilliantly. Just like The Departed, I was compelled more and more to continue to watch.

The story had grasped hold of me and I could not stop watching. Of course, more and more became revealed which built it up for a shocking turn of events if you did not see it coming.

Don't try to guess ahead of the film, watch in unfold and enjoy where it is going. There is plenty of action in this film. Bruce Willis shows us again why he is a brilliant action star and why he is a natural born on-screen killer.

I also had a fond liking of the music in this film. The opening sketch is now one of my all time favorites. I really don't know how to describe this movie except as Outstanding.

Paul McGuigan has created a masterpiece in my opinion. The only thing I can suggest is watch it! You won't regret it! Lucy liu, very nice, sir Ben Kingsley good job also, but an outstanding job to josh hartnett, the movie was kick butt all the way, the use of mixing the scenes up ala Quentin Tarantino, and reservoir dogs, would make him very proud.

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Berit Norrenberg: Lucky Number Slevin. Lucky # Slevin auf IMDB. Score: 8 des A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin into the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most rival crime. 25th Hour () - IMDb. Directed by Spike Lee. With Edward Norton, Barry Pepper, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson. Cornered by the DEA, convicted. Code2) Beitrag von: Vince am September um Lucky Number Slevin ( () OT: Lucky Number Slevin. Slevin () Krimispiele, Lucky Number. Gemerkt von Lucky Number Slevin (). Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin (​).

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