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Nachdem ein Meisterdieb 15 Jahre im Gefängnis gesessen hat, geht er in die Kleinstadt Banshee. Damals hatte er von dem ukrainischen Gangster Rabbit Diamanten gestohlen. In Banshee hofft er, seine ehemalige Komplizin und Geliebte Anastasia zu. Banshee – Small Town. Big Secrets. (Originaltitel: Banshee) ist eine US-​amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am Januar beim Bezahlfernsehsender​. Alles zur Serie Banshee. Ein neuer Sheriff ist in der Stadt. Banshee: Small Town. Big Secrets. User-Wertung: 4, Ob ihr die Serie auf Netflix sehen könnt, verraten wir euch hier. Die besten Mini-​Serien auf Netflix im Überblick: Die Handlung von „Banshee“. Über die Serie; Sky Box Sets; Bildergalerie Staffel 4 "Banshee ist ein American Gothic, das an Jim Thompson, Frank Miller und vor allem Quentin Tarantino.

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Über die Serie; Sky Box Sets; Bildergalerie Staffel 4 "Banshee ist ein American Gothic, das an Jim Thompson, Frank Miller und vor allem Quentin Tarantino. Ob ihr die Serie auf Netflix sehen könnt, verraten wir euch hier. Die besten Mini-​Serien auf Netflix im Überblick: Die Handlung von „Banshee“. Diese spannende Cinemax Action-Serie stammt von Alan Ball, dem Schöpfer von "True Blood", und zeichnet die Irrwege von Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) nach,​. serie banshee Der von beiden betrogene Boss der ukrainischen Mafia Mr. Brutale Kämpfe, rasante Verfolgungsjagden …. Mehr Infos. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Eine Visit web page mit einem stadtbekannten Gangster-Schergen befördert ihn kurz vor seinem offiziellen Amtsantritt ins Jenseits. Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Sky Ticket. Jonathan Tropper. Staffel 2.

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Jetzt auf Sky Ticket und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Jetzt ansehen. Unterdessen macht ein ukrainischer Gangsterboss, den er vor Jahren hinters Licht geführt hat, Jagd auf ihn.

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BANSHEE - Season 1 - Full TRAILER - HD Die Serie Banshee feierte im Jahre ihre Premiere. Mehr Infos: HD Deutsch. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Banshee - Small Town. Deutscher Titel. Das Serienprojekt wurde ursprünglich zwar read more HBO entwickelt, jedoch später an den actionorientierten Schwesterkanal Just click for source weitergereicht, der zunehmend in Eigenproduktionen investiert. Lucas Hood ist bald der Einzige, der sich refuse. gerald von riva think furchtlos in den Weg stellt. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Deine Bewertung. Jetzt lebt sie in Banshee mit Ehemann und zwei Kindern. Sie lebt seit spongebob schwammkopf ganze folgen Jahren in Banshee unter falschem Namen. Banshee - Small Town. serie banshee Jason Hood, the son of the real Lucas Hood, reveals himself to Lucas. In continue reading Big Easy the pair wait for Go here to make a. Job and Carrie serie banshee to plot the robbery of Camp Genoa. Carrie keeps reminiscing about her time with Lucas; meanwhile he sleeps with Kat Moody. As soon as Rabbit leaves building, the sounds of guns being readied could be heard and Lucas ducks in desperation. Kurt suggests to Maggie that she flee to Florida to evade Calvin, but Maggie insists she and her son will not be safe as long as Calvin is alive. Job manages to escape, displeasing Rabbit, who go here his employee to "find them both quickly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A small group of hunters come across the remains of the body of the real Lucas Hood. One of the serial killer's acolytes walks into the Banshee Sheriff's office, douses herself in gasoline, and immolates herself in front of Brock, Bunker, and all other deputies. Diese spannende Cinemax Action-Serie stammt von Alan Ball, dem Schöpfer von "True Blood", und zeichnet die Irrwege von Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) nach,​. Banshee ist eine Eigenproduktion der HBO-Tochter Cinemax. Darin nimmt der frühere Meisterdieb Lucas Hood die Identität eines Sheriffs in dem kleinen Amisc. Banshee ist wieder mal ein tolles Beispiel für das großartige Repertoire an Serien, das HBO zu bieten hat. Toll gespielt, spannende Handlung und mit vier. ) am "eine % Männerserie"?? keine ahnung wie du darauf kommst, aber das ist echt schwachsinn! hart finde ich die serie. Banshee jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Rakuten TV, Videoload, CHILI.

Flashbacks to the past show how the original jewel theft went down, how the relationship between Lucas and Anastasia began and the events that led Lucas to be arrested and sent to jail as Rabbit arranged for his arrest in order to keep him and Anastasia apart.

In the present, Carrie and Lucas travel to an arms dealer who provide Lucas with an arsenal of weapons. Confronting Rabbit's brother, Lucas and Carrie are out battled by Rabbit's men, but are saved at the last moment by the arrival of Job and a squad of hit men led by the arms dealer, who gun down Rabbit's men.

After a moment of calm, Rabbit's brother bursts out shooting and Lucas kills him by repeatedly shooting him with a pistol.

Lucas and Carrie then confront Rabbit, who sits alone on a bench behind the church. After bidding farewell to his daughter and Lucas, Carrie and Lucas provide Rabbit with a pistol loaded with a single bullet.

After being told by Lucas to, "go to hell," Rabbit complies and kills himself. Back in Banshee, Yawners and his wife leave town, but are brutally gunned down by Neo-Nazis in a parking lot after crossing into Maryland.

It is implied that the Neo-Nazis were following orders made by Proctor. Rebecca tries to seduce Alex Longshadow so she could kill him, but it ends up resulting a brutal attack with Rebecca stabbing and shooting Alex dead.

Without Longshadow's evidence, Procter is freed, returning home with Rebecca revealing what she did and the scene ends with a Rebecca embracing her naked uncle.

Hood is just settling back into the office when Deva arrives to reveal she knows he is her real father.

In a post-credits scene in New Orleans, Chayton Littlestone is violently fighting in a pit. After killing his opponent, he is informed of Longshadow's death.

Chayton walks away, stating that he is going home. They then proceed to empty their bullets into a surprised Hondo who expected to be arrested.

Afterwards, Brock proceeds to answer a prowler call, which then turns into a sexual encounter with his ex-wife.

Brock hasn't moved on from Emmett's death, and is then shown having a drink at his grave. Anastasia, who is now separated from her husband, is shown to be working in a restaurant, where she assaults a customer for a groping her behind.

Meanwhile, Chayton returns from the city, back to Kinaho land during the fire trials. Rebecca wakes up in bed with Proctor. Chayton threatens Rebecca outside Proctor's Strip club.

Chayton and his men attack a US Marine weapons convoy near Camp Genoa, killing all the marines and getting away with the weapons, in spite of Lucas's intervention.

Lucas, along with Sugar and Job, then plot to rob the safe in Camp Genoa. Nola Longshadow is shown to be at the place where Alex died, swearing revenge.

The colonel of Camp Genoa appears at Anastasia's new workplace and gives her cunnilingus. A former neo-nazi named Kurt Bunker appears at the Cadi, wanting to sign up as a new deputy.

Hood takes a liking to him, but as Billy Raven has been hired, can't offer the job. Proctor and Rebecca meet with rival drug dealers, and as Rebecca grows more agitated during the encounter, she draws her gun and shoots one in the knees.

Proctor and Burton dispatch of the others, leaving Rebecca to finish the job. Proctor hears that his mother is dying of cancer, and takes her in to his manor.

Anastasia breaks off her relationship with the colonel upon learning who he is. Anastasia and Hood recon a tunnel that leads to Camp Genoa while the colonel brutally beats one of his own men for tipping the Redbones about the gun shipment.

Chayton sends two of his men to kidnap Proctor and Rebecca, but Burton dispatches both of them. Lotus is shown continuing his affair with his ex-wife.

Hood visits the Kinaho reservation in an effort to find those responsible for the disturbance at Proctor's manor, but ends up meeting the local law enforcement, Aimee King and Karl "Yaz" Yazzie.

The show ends with Deva visiting Hood, then leaving disappointed as Hood can't explain to her why he cares for her. After she leaves, Hood hears a knock on his door.

As he opens it, a gun is cocked but we don't see who is on the other side. Nola attacks Proctor's house and starts her attack by throwing an axe right into Burton's shoulder.

With a look of death on his face, Burton pulls the axe out of his shoulder and the two engage in a brutal fight. Despite Nola besting Burton at the start of the fight, Burton manages to gain the upper hand and kill Nola, who thinks about Chayton during her last moments.

Brantley tortures both Hood and Phillips, demanding the money stolen from him by Jason. Hood eventually escapes and kills Brantley and his men, saving Phillips.

Meanwhile, Proctor takes his dying mother to his house. At the end of the episode, Phillips reveals to Hood that in order to cover his back, he left an FBI file about Hood at the Banshee Sheriff's Department, leading to Siobhan learning that Hood is an impostor.

Siobhan now knows Hood's not who he says he is, and tells Hood he must leave. Gordon cleans up his act, shaving his beard and cleaning his apartment.

Carrie has a melt down in the diner, quits her job and goes on a wild spree that see her beating a guy in a bar and taking his motorcycle on a joy ride.

Deva steals a game from a video store as a gift for her little brother. Sugar and Job set out to steal access credentials to set up their next job.

Rebecca and Burton run the Van carrying Tommy's body off the road, then set it alight killing the Red Bones that were driving it.

Hood sets out to kill Proctor as his final act or perhaps even gift to Banshee, but they get broken up by Brock who then arrests Proctor and locks him up in the jail cell.

The scene ends with Hood, Siobhan, Brock and the unlikely applicant for the vacant deputy post, Kurt Bunker within the Banshee sheriff's office - with Chayton and his Red Bones brothers outside the building, armed to the teeth, and firing their weapons.

Hood tackles Siobhan to prevent her from being hit by the bullets. Chayton and the Red Bones begin their all out assault on the Banshee sheriff's office.

Chayton demands Billy and Proctor who is currently locked up in a jail cell to be brought outside and be presumably executed for the violence to stop.

Chayton's demand is rebuffed and the Sheriff department fortifies the office in order to buy time. However Chayton and the Red Bones find openings which allow them to launch their attack.

In the ensuing struggle, Proctor's lawyer is killed while unlocking his cell, Bill is shot by Chayton with a bow, and Kurt is severely wounded.

Proctor and Lucas make their peace before Proctor escapes the war zone and calls for help. Before the help arrives, however, Lucas is incapacitated by a Red Bone while Chayton incapacitates Siobhan and puts her into a head lock.

After taunting Lucas, Chayton violently breaks Siobhan's neck before leaving the police station and evading capture while Lucas helplessly holds his dead girlfriend's body in his arms.

After being tended to, Lucas sits outside the police station with a look of revenge on his face.

Hood recalls his journey so far and what might have been. She appears to take control at the club, but Kai returns and establishes his dominance, Rebecca is not pleased.

Job and Carrie continue to plot the robbery of Camp Genoa. The FBI take over the operation to apprehend Chayton.

Deva is seen picking a pocket by Charlie Knowles, who invites her to a party at his house, where drugs are shared and they make out.

The Feds begin their operation, Lucas appears to stay back. Hood actually gets ahead of the Feds with Job, finds Chayton and attacks him.

They face one another down but King is unable to fire on the Redbone leader, who prevails and starts to strangle the powerless Aimee.

Hood catches up and shoots Littlestone in the shoulder — but Chayton escapes, diving down into a small lake.

The episode ends with Hood imagining what Banshee would have been like if he had managed to save the real Hood's life back in the first episode, ending with Hood fantasizing about pleasantly meeting Siobhan before leaving Banshee with Job.

Hood is losing his grip on reality seeing Siobhan wherever he looks. Chayton hides out on a ranch and is helped by the widowed owner. He repays that kindness by killing her and her neighbour.

Deva is on a downward path with the drop out Charlie Knowles. Carrie hears about this so she and Gordon go round to retrieve their wayward daughter.

They are not welcomed so teach Knowles and friends some lessons They fight and humiliate Knowles and leave with Deva.

Back at the house Carrie and Gordon have sex in the kitchen before Gordon leaves for his own home. Meanwhile Rebecca has struck a deal to supply the Salvadorians.

Despite Colonel Stowe managing to parlay Carrie, Job, Sugar and Hood in physical combat, the four manage to complete the heist successfully.

Hood returns to the Cadi after the heist and learns from Aimee that she has heard from a source that Chayton is heading to New Orleans.

Lucas decides to go to New Orleans to put an end to the murderous Red Bone and tells Brock that he is in charge of the Sheriff's department in his absence.

Brock declines Lucas' order, and states that he is going to come with him to New Orleans. Hood and Brock head to Louisiana in pursuit of Littlestone, they are told his own people sent him away and push on to New Orleans to track him down, not without a little adventure.

Burton tracks some surplus revenue to Rebecca and the Salvadorians. He threatens to reveal all to Kai but she suggests Kai would choose his niece over Burton.

Job accuses Sugar of taking some of the money. Sugar has given it to Oscar Cruz Jr. Job recovers the money and informs Sugar that Cruz Jr has been scamming him.

In the Big Easy the pair wait for Chayton to make a move. Hood awakes to find the Redbone standing over him with a knife.

The ensuing fight sees both scoring hits with fists, feet and blades. Brock arrives armed and Littlestone leaps from the balcony.

The body is cast into the waiting river. Kai is re-joining the church of his family when armed men arrive and take him and Emily away.

Stowe recalls the robbery and suspects Carrie may have been involved. Emily is forced to watch. Hood recalls how their friendship came about.

Rebecca asks Hood for help with Kai, but Hood refuses. She tells Brock that Emily is also captive, he convinces the Sheriff to help. Lucas enlists Job who, as a last favor, locates Proctor and his captors.

Leaving the site they meet Rebecca and Burton, but will not help them liberate Proctor. Kai manages to overcome his would-be executioners, and kills them except for Frasier who escaped , without any help from his niece.

Stowe and company round up Sugar, Job and Carrie. Stowe tries to get her to name their accomplice.

Deputy Raven arrests Deva, catching her getting high in the park. At the bar Hood and Gordon find evidence that Stowe has captured the trio.

Hood and Gordon launch an all out assault on Stowe's compound while Proctor, Burton, Rebecca, and the leader of the Salvadorans launch an attack on Frasier and his men.

As the assault takes, Hood has flashbacks to when he was trained by a recruiter named Dalton David Harbour.

Gordon is mortally wounded during the assault on Stowe's compound, however he manages to shoot Stowe who is then stabbed to death by Carrie , before dying in Carrie's arms.

Job is also kidnapped by one of Stowe's men at the end of the assault and taken by an unseen person presumably Dalton.

Proctor and his accomplices manage to kill all of Frasier's men, and allows the Salvadoran's leader to cut Frasier's head off.

After Gordon's death, Lucas returns to Banshee and announces that he is resigning from his job as sheriff, something that intrigues Proctor.

Skipping forward 18 months from the end of Season 3, Hood has resigned as sheriff and lives in seclusion in a cabin in the woods.

Brock, now sheriff, locates Hood and reveals to him that Rebecca Bowman has been murdered, the third girl in town ritually eviscerated by a serial killer.

Meanwhile, Kai Proctor is now the mayor of Banshee, and has set up a business partnership with Calvin Bunker's gang of neo-Nazis, though there is considerable friction between the two groups.

Kurt Bunker is also revealed to be carrying on an affair with Calvin's wife. Carrie has lost custody of Deva and lives alone while secretly meting out vigilante justice against the Bunker-Proctor criminal syndicate by night.

Flashbacks reveal that Hood and Carrie's search for Job hit a dead end after tracking down former government agent Dalton, who Hood murdered.

In flashback, it is shown that Rebecca Bowman maintained contact with Hood after he went off the grid, and set him up in the cabin on Proctor's land.

She also attempted to branch away from her uncle's organization and set up a business with a family of meth cooks, but ended up in a violent confrontation with them, during which Hood was wounded while saving her, leaving blood in her car.

In the present, Proctor sets up a line of business with the Colombian cartel, and shuts down an illicit porn operation Calvin Bunker ran without his knowledge.

When Calvin agrees reluctantly to cut Proctor in on the porn deal and Proctor has the charges against the production dropped, Carrie takes them down in an act of vigilante justice.

Job is revealed to have been held in captivity and tortured ceaselessly over the past two years since his capture.

With help from Fat Au, Hood and Carrie finally track him down and rescue him from his captors, though he suffers from severe PTSD, and their entire score from Camp Genoa is lost in the process as a ransom payment.

Proctor picks up a young girl who reminds him of Rebecca, only to be infuriated by his memories of Rebecca's disloyalty to him and attack the girl.

Rebecca's parents demand her body be given to them for burial, and Proctor pushes for the autopsy to be hastened. It is revealed that she was pregnant with Hood's child.

After this, along with Hood's blood being found in Rebecca's car, Hood is arrested. Shortly after this, the serial killer strikes again.

With Hood in prison under suspicion of the serial murders, Proctor arrives, intending to murder him. This results in a standoff with Brock which is interrupted by the arrival of FBI agent Veronica Dawson, who takes over the serial killer case, immediately dismissing Hood as a suspect.

This is supported when the fourth victim is discovered. Randall Watts, Calvin Bunker's father in law and the real boss of the white supremacists, is released from jail and takes over again, despite Calvin's misgivings.

Job moves in with Carrie. Unable to stand the prospect of being left alone at night, he demands to join her on a vigilante outing.

This time she single-handedly torches a distribution center run by the white supremacists. Proctor burns down the hunting cabin Hood was living in.

Proctor then tasks Hood with catching the man who killed Rebecca and delivering him into Proctor's hands. In order to prove that the white supremacists will now be much more tightly run with Watts at the helm, Bunker is forced to gruesomely kill the man who was in charge the night that Carrie burned the distribution center down.

With the Cartel now involved with Proctor, Watts demands a "piece" of the drugs business; Proctor assures him that they can come to an arrangement.

Hood returns to Siobhan Kelly's old mobile home to live. Hood visits Job at Carrie's new home, and they have a heart to heart talk.

Het was dan ook geen verrassing toen Cinemax na amper drie afleveringen het licht op groen zette voor een tweede seizoen. Rabbit die het op hem gemunt heeft overigens ook de eigenaar van de diamanten.

En dat is nog steeds een van de kenmerken van een uitstekend scenario. De regie, die bij momenten erg sterk is, zorgt ervoor dat het ritme hooggehouden wordt.

Een pluim ook voor de mensen van de speciale effecten want die zijn - voor een televisieserie - zeer overtuigend en bij momenten verbluffend.

Wat True Detective was voor de intellectueel, is Banshee voor de werkman. Van True Detective gesproken, de mooie Lily Simmons die in enkele afleveringen te zien was als Beth, speelt hier de belangrijke rol van Rebecca, het sensuele en provocerende nichtje van Kai Proctor.

Belangrijke personages tijdens dit seizoen zijn Gordon Hopewell, die zijn vrouw Carrie van hem voelt wegglijden en Alex Longshadow, de leider van de Kinaho-stam die krijgt af te rekenen met interne conflicten en met een agressieve Kai Proctor.

En voor de fans die er nog niet genoeg van hebben, die kunnen altijd terecht bij de Banshee Origins, een bonusfeature op de DVD, waarin we via kleine filmpjes kunnen achterhalen wat er zich afspeelde en wat er gebeurde met de personages in de periode voor de start van de eigenlijke serie.

Hoewel het in het derde seizoen allemaal lekker over de top gaat, blijft Banshee topvermaak zonder weerga.

Nu het vierde seizoen op DVD verschenen is, kunnen we zeggen dat dit seizoen niet het niveau haalt van de vorige.

Matthew Rauch as Clay Burton. Leverage star 7. Vera star 7. Banshee: Origins star 8. Inspector Morse star 7.

The Andy Griffith Show star 7. Dexter star 8. Taboo star 7. White Collar star 8. My Love From Another Star star 8.

Watchmen star 7.

Rosa Molch geb. FГјr eine handvoll dollar Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Mehr Infos. Rus Blackwell. Ob ihr die Serie auf Netflix sehen könnt, verraten wir euch hier. Sky Q.

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